Ash 7.5: review by Dark Entries

April 1, 2009

Belgian publication Dark Entries has published a review of the Three Questions and an Answer cassette. Visit the Dark Entries website to read the original article. A translation follows…

“Special case this one here…

This music-cassette (you know: plastic cases with brown wire that turn) was produced in an edition of 104 copies for Ash International and is being courageously distrubuted by Touch. Whoever still owns a cassette player is lucky: this tape is a thing to have!

Originally the music on this tape was part of an installation, displayed during an exhibition in Berlin. It was the plan of Philip Marshall to highlight everyday and not everyday sounds that we hear during our hectic activities, but to which we don't pay any attention. In this scheme he was absolutely unsuccesful. He did however succeed in putting our fantasies in motion. Let me explain: this cassette contains a not uninteresting mix of cut ups, white noise and button-turning-resort. So far the intention of the artist. The fact that the cassette is divided into an “Angel” side and a “Ghost” side, makes our imagination rather run wild. According to a certain theory, angels and ghosts would be able to make themselves audible by making use of certain radio frequencies, as if they could virtually surf on the radio waves which circle the world. Every now and then someone realises that entities want to make contact. The “Angel” side rather feels like a “Ghost” side, but the resulting effect doesn't lie: one gets the feeling that during bad radio reception we're able to catch sounds from another dimension.

Creepy!? intriguing, rather…

Consider this little sketch candy for soundfuckers, which I gladly consider myself.”

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